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Friday, June 8th, 2001
6:06 pm - bah
I haven't updated in a while... oh well. Who really cares? I'm sorta depressed right now. and lonely. I should've gone to the fair with Abbie, but that fair is the same every year. I told her today, then I told her tomorrow. I don't want to go tomorrow actually. I should probably call her back and tell her I changed my mind but she's probably gone already.
It's sad how I choose doing this rather than go out with my friends sometimes... I should've gone, Friday nights are always the best. It's weird, but I remember last year well. We were finished with the fair and Katie, Danielle, Christina, and maybe Kim and I were waiting by Roosevelt for Katie's mom for the longest time. We started playing with colored sand, saw two girls run towards the fair (one of them screamed "CHRISTINE! I don't care how drunk you are, RUN!". i don't think they were though, i think she was doing it so we could hear it.), and some guys rode past us screaming "SOMEBODY'S SMOKING POT".
... good times. :)

current mood: depressed

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Thursday, May 31st, 2001
8:56 pm - overweight?
Ok, I am admitting it now. I am fat(ter). What a statement, huh? Coming from Miss I-Don't-Care-How-Heavy-I-Am.... anyway, I gotta drop a few pounds, eat less crap, maybe even *GASP* go back to tae kwon do to get my second degree. Like that'll ever happen. Bah.

current mood: hungry

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Wednesday, May 30th, 2001
3:43 pm - My 6 day weekend:
Friday: I skipped school because my aunt was getting married. Not a church wedding, a court one. Then I decided I didn't want to go back to school so I stayed over my cousin's house and just spent the entire day online. I slept over there

Saturday: My other cousin and her baby came over and I took care of "the princess" the whole day. Around 4 we took my younger cousin to his singing lessons. We came back to the house and then we left for my grandpa's birthday party. We spent about an hour there then we left. We went to Blockbuster and rented Bring It On ( I didn't like it too much, it was stupid ). I slept over there again

Sunday: we go to church first thing in the morning, then go back to the house. Around 12ish my other younger cousin, Nicole, comes over. We wait a while for my older cousin, Cindy, to come and then we went to the mall. I got the first Weezer album. It's really good. Then we ate dinner and left for Cindy's house. We were going to sleep over there. We decided to go see Pearl Harbor around 10PM and didn't get back till 2. I thought it was somewhat like Titanic... a love story / historical disaster type thing.

Monday: we went to the airport at 10AM (we were practically dead from the other night) to pick up my uncle and grandma from the airport. After picking them up we went back to Cindy's and had a little family barbecue.
I am so incredibly tired it's not even funny. Today was supposed to be my resting day, but I ended up going to the mall with Abbie.

current mood: tired

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